E-mail marketing help from AXNT™. We want to help you make the most of e-mail. These tips will help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s up with that name?

Oh, you mean AXNT™? It’s easy, think accent. As in, this broadcast e-mail system can accent your marketing strategy.

What is SPAM?

SPAM is the term commonly used to indicate junk e-mail. In it’s simplest terms, SPAM is unsolicited e-mail sent to your inbox. On January 1,  2004, the Federal Trade Commission CAN-SPAM law became enforceable. The FTC defines SPAM on four main parameters:

  1. Mail cannot have false or misleading header information.
  2. Deceptive or inaccurate subjects are not allowed
  3. Your message must provide an clear unsubscribe method.
  4. Commercial E-mail must provide a valid postal mail address

AXNT™ actively ensures that each message you send meets the Anti-spam requirements. Our templates are designed with your success in mind so that your mail reaches each of your recipients.

How Often Should We send E-mail?

Generally speaking, one message per sender per week is a good rule of thumb. If you overload your mail list with messages you’ll find your unsubscribe rate soar. However, there are some occasions that you will need to send message more frequently. Special events, limited time sales are a examples when you can send mail more often. Whether you send 1 message per week, or 1 per day, it is important to let your users know the frequency of message expected.

How Can We Grow our List?

AXNT™ makes it easy to add a subscribe list to your website, and have control out of the information you capture. You can ask your subscribers for e-mail only, or name and address. Collect as much or as little information as you need.

Writing Great Subject Lines.

Being specific and consistent will help ensure high open rates, and the most click-throughs. Here are some examples of subject lines that work
ServicePros Newsletter – November 2008
Upcoming Events at State College
Registration Deadline in Two Weeks

3 Words and a symbol to avoid.

Overall, make your subject lines relevant to your organization and to the content of your e-mail. In a study of e-mail subject lines Help, Percent off, and Reminder severely reduced open rates. The symbol to avoid? An exclamation point.

Managing Multiple Lists.

AXNT™ also makes it easy to target specific members of your audience for specific messages. For example, if you’re having two events, one in New York another in California, you can create a list for each event and send specific information to each group.

Better E-Mail Reception.

Some of your users, and some corporate firewalls will prohibit HTML e-mail — sometimes called rich mail — getting to the in box. AXNT™ automatically generates a text only e-mail and a view online component to each message you send.

Service Migration.

We’ve been using Product X and want to start using AXNT™, can you help? YES! We will help you migrate your mailing lists and website subscription forms so you can easily transition to AXNT™ and get more from your e-mail immediately.

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