No Monthly fees. Pay only for what you send.

$10/campaign + 3¢/ recipient.

Do you have a mailing list of 300 names? Your campaign will cost just $19 $10 + (0.03 x 300)

Agree to use AXNT for six months to send to 1,800 recipients (300/month) or more and we’ll include design of one on-brand template. Additional templates are available starting at $750.

Custom E-mail Design

What’s unique about AXNT™ is there are no cookie-cutter templates that we’ll try to force your message into. Each AXNT™ customer will have a template layout that support their existing branding guidelines. We hate ugly, amateur looking e-mail, and we know your readers do too. Using AXNT™ helps you keep your company communications consistent and professional. Template design that compliments an existing brand identity starts at $750.

Bulk Purchase Credits.

Plan on sending mail regularly? Your AXNT™ account can be loaded with credits which are bulk priced. Each credit is equal to 1 recipient. Many of our clients who buy credits purchase enough for an entire year— or longer— of their e-mail marketing. AXNT™ e-mail credits work like this: 1 credit for each recipient + 500 credits per e-mail broadcast. An e-mail broadcast to 300 recipients would deduct a total of 350 credits from your account. 300 credits per each recipient + 500 credits to broadcast your e-mail.

Buying in bulk saves your company money, and helps keep e-mail marketing budgets consistent. Scroll down to purchase 100,000 Credits for $1,500 or save even more when you buy 250,000 Credits for $2,500.

Credits are also great to have in your account for using the autoresponder feature in AXNT. Autoresponders allow you to stay in touch with your subscribers on key dates — such as a subscription anniversary— or after a specific amount of time has passed.

AXNT™ Credits never expire. They’re always available to your account ready to use at any time.

Purchase Bulk Credits

Select and option below to top-off credits for your AXNT™ account. Please allow 36 hours for the credits to be applied to your account.

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