AXNT™ has helped dozens of companies across the country and around the world create and manage great email marketing programs. Here are a few that we've had the pleasure to work with.






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AXNT™ is loved by dozens of small and medium-sized businesses, not-for-profit organizations, retail and restaurants. Since 2008, we've helped more than 130 companies — and growing. AXNT™ allows our customers an easy-to-manage way to stay in touch with their audiences. AXNT™ is a powerful email marketing platform and easy to use automation tools that help our customers achieve epic success.


Everything you need to run beautifully-designed, professional
email marketing campaigns to grow your business.

Fully Responsive

Every. Single. Email. Our emails our built to be responsive so each of your readers sees the message you intend. No guessing, no worry just great looking email everytime you send. 

No Monthly Fees

Tired of the endless parade of monthly fees and licenses showing up on your banking statement? AXNT offers our standard email marketing platform in a pay-as-you-send model with no monthly fees.

Easily Reuse and Resend

We know that each message you send doesn't have to be built from scratch. AXNT™ lets you easily duplicate, and edit and resend your messages... from last month, or last year.

CANSPAM Compliant

With our subscribe forms, one-click unsubscribes, and list management features we help keep your organization compliant and avoiding possible fines by delivering email that meets FTC, California and GDPR requirements.

eMail Campaigns That Feature Your Brand!

Most other email campaign providers feature their brand in each message your company sends. Some even offer email "for free" if you let their name, logo, links (!) and branding appear in your messages. AXNT™ believes that your email should promote your brand.

Your Brand, Only

AXNT will never ask you to include our name or logo in any of your email templates, no matter how many subscribers you have. Try that with ConstantContact, Mailchimp or the other email acmpaign providers.

Unlimited Contacts

AXNT bases pricing on the number of recipients sent in each campaign. There's no penalty or upcharge for keeping all of your contacts in AXNT. If you send a message to 1,500 recipients, that's all you pay for. Other providers limit the number of contacts or upcharge for higher limits.

List Automation

Easily integrate a subscription form to your website or a different subscription form for each product, service, platform or website your company maintains. AXNT helps automate list management.